Automating TrueTTY Keystrokes


   This is an extension of Using TrueTTY With A Screen Reader. It describes how three short Windows macro scripts allow you to start listening to an incoming message before all of it has been received. The scripts run using the Workspace Macro Pro program, but they can be easily modified to work in another macro editor. Annotated listings of the scripts are here.

   Script1 cuts and pastes text from TrueTTY into Notepad. The TrueTTY text window is cleared. The PC Cursor moves to Notepad where it can be used by the screen reader. Shortcut: Alt-X, chosen not to collide with the long list of hotkeys built into TrueTTY.

   Script3 (Script2 is discussed later) closes Notepad and moves the cursor to the TrueTTY Transmit Window so you can begin typing. Shortcut: Alt-V.

Example of a QSO

   Here is an example of a QSO using these scripts to listen to the  received message all at once. The screen reader commands in this example are for JAWS:

1.  Call CQ using a TrueTTY macro.  Shortcut: F1.
2.  Listen to radio audio for response. Wait for transmission to end.
3.  Use Script1 to open Notepad.  Shortcut:  ALT-X.
4.  Route JAWS cursor to PC cursor.  INSERT NUMPAD-MINUS.
5.  Read message.  INSERT NUMPAD-DOWN.
6.  Listen to the message.
7.  Use Script3 to return to TrueTTY.  Shortcut: ALT-V.
8.  Type a reply.

Start Reading Right Away

   During the QSO, you wait while your contact types, and he waits while you read.

   Script2 shortens the waiting times. You can start reading with Script1 while TrueTTY continues to receive the rest of the message. Then use Script2 as often as necessary until the entire message has been read. Shortcut: Alt-C.

   Continuing the Example, all of the first message has been read, and the first reply was sent:

9. Listen for the radio audio of the next message.
10. After 15 seconds of audio, run Script1. Shortcut:  ALT-X.
11. Route JAWS cursor to PC cursor.  INSERT NUMPAD-MINUS.
12. Read message. INSERT NUMPAD-DOWN.
13. Run Script2 for next part of message.  Shortcut:  ALT-C.
14. Route JAWS cursor to PC cursor.  INSERT NUMPAD-MINUS.
15. Read message. INSERT NUMPAD-DOWN.
16. Use Script2 as needed...    Shortcut:  ALT-C.
17. Run Script3 to return to TrueTTY.  Shortcut:  ALT-V.
18. Type a reply.

Using Scripts On The Air

   It takes less time to read text than to transmit it, so there is no time pressure. The amount of text in each Notepad window is an indicator of how rapidly characters are being received in TrueTTY.

Author Information

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