Audio Guides for
the Kenwood TH-D74A


    This is the download page for audio user-guides to the Kenwood TH-D74A for use by blind and vision-impaired hams. The recordings are by Chris Zenchenko, WB9RSQ. His accessibility review is a separate article on HamRadioAndVision.

   To download one of the MP3 files, click on the link below. When the online audio player opens, right-click on the window and select "Save As." 

Audio Intro to TH-D74A 

Audio Guide to TH-D74A Battery Levels and PF Keys

Audio Guide to Memory Channel Naming and Editing

Audio Guide to Memory Groups

Setting and Checking Repeater Offsets


Author Information

   Chris Zenchenko, WB9RSQ, is an adaptive hardware and software beta tester and consultant. He has been a licensed amateur radio operator for more than 40 years, and he is active on IRLP (node 8625), EchoLink, Allstar (node 41822), and D-STAR. 

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Editor's note added 12/16/2016:  M0AID's review of the TH-D74A also includes an audio demonstration and a downloadable version of the manual that is accessible with screen-readers.


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