KG-UV Commander for
Programming Wouxun Radios


   This article is for vision-impaired amateur radio operators interested in programming a Wouxun VHF/UHF radio using KG-UV Commander. The software can be used to configure the radio and program the memory channels. The latest version, by Jim Mitchell, KC8UNJ, can be downloaded free from the website.

   The Wouxun Company also distributes software for configuring their radios and programming channel memory. A third option is the free Chirp channel editing software, which supports radios from multiple companies, including Wouxun.

   Hams often prefer the convenience of programming software. Also, vision-impaired hams can enlarge the display and use high contrast colors.

   Programming software can also help you learn how to use the radio menus. The computer display makes it possible to check radio settings after changes via the keypad.

   For this review, KG-UV Commander v. 0.1.0 BETA was tested using a Wouxun KG-UVD1P radio.

Is The Software Safe?

   The beta version of the software was tested by a group of volunteers before it was released. KC8UNJ makes the usual disclaimers about possible damage to your radio and computer, but he has developed similar programs for Yaesu and Icom handheld radios. There have not been any reports of serious problems in the Yahoo KG-UV Commander User Group.

   From a computer security standpoint, participation by KC8UNJ in the user group is reassuring. All 41 scans of the software by VirusTotal are negative.

Using The Program

   There are four program pages accessed using tabs near the top of the program window:  Main Memories, Configuration Settings, VFO Settings, and FM Broadcast Memories. Three are shown in the following figures.

Figure 1. Main Memories Page.

Figure 2. Configuration Settings Page. There are 26 programmable functions.

Figure 3. VFO Settings Page.


   To configure the program to communicate with a radio, use the Transfer Menu → Port and use the pull-down menu to select the COM port your serial-USB interface driver is using. (Windows Device Manager lists the ports in use.) An auto-detect option is also shown in the dialog box. The Radio Menu or the Read/Write icons can be used to transfer data between the radio and a computer.

   The Read Me file is in the Help Menu. It includes a list of  program features. KG-UV Commander can export and import these file types:  (1) Wouxun TW programming software files, and (2) CSV files for Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets. It can also read ARRL TPE TravelPlus files. Other help topics include troubleshooting interface problems, using the data editor, and adjusting band limits.


   For hams with impaired vision KG-UV Commander for programming Wouxun VHF/UHF transceivers may be easier to use than the radio keypad and menus. The program has all the functions of the Wouxun Company software. In addition, it can import and export CSV files for Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets, and it can read ARRL TravelPlus files. It can also change the radio band limits.


Author Information

   Peter DeNeef, AE7PD, is an Extra Class amateur radio operator in the U.S. This web site has no ads or conflicts of interest.
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