LDG Multi-Meters for
Icom and Yaesu Transceivers


   This article is for vision-impaired amateur radio operators interested in the high visibility LDG multi-meters for Icom IC-7600/7700/7800 and Yaesu FT-857/897 transceivers.


   All four LDG instruments described in this article have large, 4.5" (diagonal size) meters. The LG FTL-Meter works with Yaesu FT-857 and FT-897 transceivers. The M-7600 and M-7700 meters work with Icom IC-7600 and IC-7700 radios, respectively. The DM-7800 instrument works with Icom IC-7800 radios and has two 4.5" meters mounted next to each other.


   • Each can be programmed via a radio menu to display the same parameter as the radio meter or a different parameter.

   • A cable is supplied for connecting the instrument to the external meter jack provided by Icom and Yaesu on these radios.

   • The zero and full-scale readings can be calibrated using only the radio.

   • Use of the adjustable-brightness back-light (requires a 12 volt DC power source) is optional. The meters function without a DC power source.

Meters for Icom IC-7600/7700/7800

   During receive, the M-7600, M-7700, and DM-7800 meters display the S-meter reading.

   During transmit, each meter displays the parameter selected from the following menu list:

     Auto                     Same reading as on radio meter.
     Drive Current      Final output transistors current drain.
     Drive Voltage      Final output transistors drain voltage.
     Power Output
     Compression Level

   The DM-7800 has two identical meters mounted side-by-side, and the IC-7800 has separate menus for selecting the parameter each meter displays during transmit. For example, one meter can show Power Output while the other shows SWR. During receive, the second meter shows the S-meter reading of the sub-receiver.

 Meters for Yaesu FT-857/897

   The LDG FTL-Meter has four options to display during receive:

     VLT         Incoming power supply voltage.
     SIG          S-meter reading.
     CTR         FM discriminator setting.

   There are six options during transmit:

     VLT         Incoming power supply voltage.
     PWR        Transmitted power.
     MOD        % Modulation/Deviation level.


   The large 4.5" analog meters have high contrast scales and labels, and the brightness of the optional back-light can be varied. The user manuals include close-up photos of the meters.

For More Information

   The user manual for each instrument can be downloaded from the LDG Web site. In addition to photos, they include clear descriptions of the calibration and programming procedures.


   LDG offers large, high-visibility external multi-meters for three Icom and two Yaesu transceiver models. The user manuals are excellent.

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