Wouxun Company
Programming Software
for Hams with Impaired Vision


   This article is for amateur radio operators with impaired vision who are interested in programming a Wouxun VHF/UHF transceiver using Wouxun Company software.

   Hams often prefer the convenience of programming software. Also, vison-impaired hams can enlarge the display and use high contrast colors.

   The software can also help you learn how to program the radio using the keypad. The computer display makes it possible to check the radio settings after one or more menu changes via the keypad.

   The Wouxun Company makes the software available at no charge. The free KG-UV Commander programming software is an alternative. CHIRP is a third option if you only want to edit the memory channels.

   For this review the KG-UVD1Pv2.0.exe version was installed on a Pentium PC with a Windows XP operating system. Wouxun sells a special USB-to-serial cable for connecting the radio to a computer. The driver software for this interface cable also available from Wouxun at no charge.

Using the Program

  There are three main program windows:  (1) The Optional Function Window shown in Figure 1 is for configuring default settings for the radio. (2) The Channel Message Window shown in Figure 2 is for programming memories used in Channel Mode. (3) The Key Set Window shown in Figure 3 is for configuring the three keys on the left side of the radio.

Figure 1. The Optional Function Window

Figure 2. The Channel Message Window

Figure 3. The Key Set Window

   To use the program, first read the data file from the radio (Program Menu → Read From Radio). Use the windows to enter your configuration preferences and memory channel information. Then send the revised data file to the radio (Program Menu → Write To Radio).

   The Help Menu index is organized with the program menu names as chapters. As with the English version of the radio manual, the Help Menu contains some flawed English translations. But, many of the entries are useful, especially the definitions of the labels in the program windows.


   For Hams with impaired vision the optional programming software for Wouxun handheld transceivers may be easier to use than the radio keypad and menus. This avoids the use of the small LCD screen when configuring the radio. The software can also help you learn how to program the radio via the keypad.

   KG-UV Commander programming software and Chirp channel editing software are free alternatives.


Thanks to Blake Slutz, N7BLZ, for helpful discussions.

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   Peter DeNeef, AE7PD, is an Extra Class amateur radio operator in the U.S. This web site has no ads or conflicts of interest.
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