Detailed Description of Figure 1

      The menu bar across the top of the window contains six items:  File, Edit, Station, Tools, View, and Help. An icon bar just below this contains 21 shortcuts, such as disconnecting from the network or searching the station list for a specific call sign. Text below the icon bar reports 4,182 stations connected to the network, and 21% are busy.

     Three text boxes are arranged side-by-side. In the box on the left the directory choices are Locations, Node Types (such as Repeaters), Alarms, New Connections, and Favorites. The list in the center box shows the 9 stations in the Favorites Folder. The repeater WW7SEA-R in Seattle, Washington, is selected, and the box on the right contains a message reading "Welcome to WW7SEA-R Echo IRLP, 444.700 (MHz), 103.5 (PL tone), Seattle, Washington."

     At the bottom of the window a status box contains the message "Connected to: WW7SEA-R."