Detailed Description of Figure 2

     Two digital clocks at the top of the window show GMT on the left and local time on the right. Below the clocks and to the left are four vertically arranged control buttons:  Disconnect Last, Disconnect All, ReConnect, and Transmit/Receive.

     There are two text boxes to the right of the buttons. The one on the left shows the connection status "Connected to (Conference) KB6Q-R." The box on the right contains a message from the Repeater, "Welcome to KB6Q-R Echo IRLP. 444.700, PL 100.0, Nipomo, California, USA."

     Below these boxes is a third box only a single line high for outgoing text messages. A fourth text box at the bottom of the window shows the Away Text Message, "Sorry, I am out of the shack. Please leave me a text message."

     A grid of 40 call buttons (4 buttons high and 10 buttons across) is above the Away message. Up and down arrow buttons in the lower left corner of the window adjust the size of the text.