Accessible DigiPan:
PSK-31 for Blind Hams


    DigiPan was the first amateur radio application with a panoramic “waterfall” display of digital modes. It was developed by Skip Teller, KH6TY. Recently, Jim Snowbarger, WA0PSS, and Richard B. McDonald, KK6MRH, developed JAWS scripts to make DigiPan accessible for blind hams. The scripts provide spoken output of
PSK-31 text that is displayed by the DigiPan modem program. 

   Accessible DigiPan is free, and a donation via GoFundMe is requested to support further development of similar adaptive technologies. The downloadable material includes a Windows (.exe) installer, JAWS scripts, written guides, and audio tutorials. The installer application requires a functioning version of JAWS to be present on the PC. Accessible DigiPan supports Braille output as well.

   More information, including the download instructions, is on the Accessible DigiPan site.

   Note Added 1/10/2018: Accessible DigiPan currently does not work with JAWS 2018, which uses a new folders structure. The author of the JAWS scripts for DigiPan, Jim Snowbarger, WA0PSS, plans to upgrade the installer. In the meantime, you can work around the problem by using JAWS 2017. Thanks to co-developer Richard, KK6MRH, and to Tom, WB0QVB, for this information. 


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