Blind-Accessible HF Radios


   The new Kenwood TH-D74A is the most accessible hand-held HF radio. A review by Chris, WB9RSQ is here.

   Chris has also posted audio user guides for the radio, starting with a general introduction that is downloadable here.

    For a base-station or portable HF radio, there are many choices of speech-synthesizers indexed here.

   The HamPod accessory gives spoken reports about settings, and it also provides access to some controls in HF radios. It is a small box with a keypad that works with various radios without requiring a separate computer. You will find three articles about HamPods in the speech synthesizer link (above), as they can work with Elecraft, Icom, and Kenwood radios, depending on the firmware in the box.

    If you prefer a radio with a built-in speech synthesizer, Kenwood radios are the most accessible brand. Kenwood speech cards for various models are described here.

   Additional information for hams with low vision is in a separate page about Accessible Transceivers.

   The Active Elements web site for blind hams by Kelvin, M0AID, has reviews of radios and an email group.

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