Elecraft K3 Rig Monitoring


   This page is for blind and vision-impaired amateur radio operators interested in spoken feedback on the settings of an Elecraft K3 radio.

   Elecraft does not offer a speech synthesizer option that can be installed in the radio. However, two free computer programs—K3 Voice and K3 Texter—can provide spoken reports using data from a K3.

   A stand-alone device, the HamPod K3 Reader, is a third option. It does not require the use of a personal computer and is described in a separate article.

   The two programs have similar graphical interfaces—K3 Texter is derived from K3 Voice. However, the programs have significant differences as well.

K3 Voice

   K3 Voice is a stand-alone program that uses a sound card in a personal computer. It can give automatic reports when a control setting is changed on the radio, and it also has a graphical user interface with buttons and menus that vision-impaired hams can use to query the radio. K3 Voice is described in a separate article.

K3 Texter

   K3 Texter is designed to be used with a screen reader program of your choice. It has a text box where it translates data from the radio into plain text that can be read by a screen reader. The text reports are generated by operating controls on the radio or by activating buttons on the graphical user interface. K3 Texter is described in a separate article.

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