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   This article is for amateur radio operators who want an enlarged view of the screen on an Icom IC-7000 transceiver. This radio has a video-out jack for viewing the display on an external monitor without using a computer.

IC-7000 Display

   The IC-7000 TFT-LCD color display diagonal size is 2.5 inches. There are several high contrast color options, and the screen content is user-selectable. The main screen (Figure 1) includes a digital frequency readout, an S-/Power meter, indicators of enabled functions, and filter information. Other screen options include a bandscope, a multi-meter, and an RTTTY decoder.

Using an External Monitor

   The IC-7000 manual mentions the 1/8" mono jack on the back panel for a video monitor cable, but Icom does not give additional information. AB4OJ's page (pdf) of frequently asked questions about this radio explains that "any monitor, TV, or VCR that supports composite video input [which is an RCA jack] can be used as a display." He also reports (pdf) that with a 15" color monitor, pixelation is evident in small characters, but the color image is "extremely legible."

   Figures 1 and 2 are photos sent by K1HZ of the 7" monitors he advertises on QTH.com for use with an IC-7000.

Figure 1. Main screen displayed on K1HZ monitor.           [K1HZ photo]



Figure 2. Multi-meter screen on K1HZ monitor.               [K1HZ photo]




   Thanks to Henry, N1OAQ, for testing the video-out signal from an IC-7000.

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