Monitoring Elecraft Radios
for Sight-Impaired Hams


   This article is for sight-impaired amateur radio operators interested in using rig monitoring with an Elecraft radio. The monitor discussed here is a personal computer that displays the radio settings on the screen for improved visibility. Magnification software can also be used.

Monitoring Software

   Elecraft does not provide specialized software for this purpose. Instead, the Software Page of the Elecraft Web site lists several general rig monitor/control programs suitable for Elecraft K2, K3, and KX3 radios.

   Ham Radio Deluxe, discussed in the HamRadioAndVision article on rig monitoring basics, is on the Elecraft list.

   Flrig is a multi-platform (OS X, Linux, Windows) rig monitoring and control program that also works with K2 and K3 radios.

Spoken Reports from a K3

   Two free computer programs—K3 Voice and K3 Texter—can provide spoken reports using data from a K3 transceiver. K3 Texter displays plain text reports from the radio that can be magnified or read with a screen reader.

   A stand-alone device, the HamPod K3 Reader, is another option. It does not require the use of a personal computer and is described in a separate article

KX3 Accessibility

   KX3 transceivers have a built-in option for CW feedback about settings. The HamPod K3 Reader speech synthesizer device also works with KX3 radios. The separate article on KX3 accessibility gives more details.             

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