TrueTTY Accessibility for
Blind and Vision-Impaired Hams


   This article is for blind and vision-impaired amateur radio operators who want to use the TrueTTY HF digital modem. The program has the following accessibility features:

          • Third-party screen readers can access the received text.
          • Keyboard shortcuts.
          • Menu items accessible with standard Windows commands.
          • QSO data fields and macros accessible via the keyboard.
          • High visibility text options.


   TrueTTY, developed by UA9OSV, works with a number of the most popular HF digital modes. There is a free version and a registered version that saves configuration settings.

Text To Speech

   The CTRL-N keyboard shortcut copies received text to a NotePad window, where it can be converted to speech by a screen reader. The details, including an example of a QSO, are described in a separate article.

Keyboard Shortcuts

   The TrueTTY Program Overview describes all of the built-in keyboard shortcuts. It is not necessary to use a mouse or see the computer screen to operate TrueTTY.

   Each macro also has a keyboard shortcut. For example, pressing the F1 key sends a CQ message.

QSO Data Boxes

   TrueTTY has QSO Data boxes for entering the call sign of the other station, a signal report, your contact's name, and other information. These entries are available for use in macros.

   For example, the ALT-C keyboard shortcut moves the cursor to the Call Sign data field, where a screen reader such as JAWS automatically reads the contents and where you can type a new call sign. Pressing Tab cycles the cursor through the QSO Data boxes and then to the Transmit Text box. Pressing ALT-A clears all the QSO Data fields.

High Visibility Text

   The Fonts and Colors Tab of the Setup Menu has a wide range of fonts, styles, sizes, font colors, and background colors. A preview box shows the result of each selection.

   Some examples of TrueTTY with high visibility text are shown in a separate article.

For More Information

TrueTTY Text-to-Speech
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   TrueTTY is accessible to blind and vision-impaired hams. Received text can be converted to speech by a screen reader. You can use keyboard shortcuts to operate TrueTTY without a mouse or computer screen. It also has high visibility font and color options.


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