Yaesu Data Management Unit
for HF Transceivers


   This article is for vision-impaired amateur radio operators interested in the Yaesu Data Management Unit (DMU) for HF transceivers. A DMU adds a variety of features, including a band spectrum scope and audio scope. It can also display the radio menu entries, memory channels, and some radio settings on a large external LCD screen for improved visibility.

Data Management Units

For Yaesu 9000 Series Radios:  Depending on the model, a built-in DMU is either standard or a customizable option. For radios with a DMU installed, a built-in 6.5" (800 x 480 pixels) color TFT display is either standard or optional, depending on the model. In either case (with or without a built-in display), radios with a DMU have a video display connector on the back panel for attaching a user-supplied LCD display.

For Yaesu FTdx-950, -2000, and -5000 Models:  An external data management unit is available for these radios—the DMU-2000. It connects between the radio and a user-supplied LCD display. FTdx-950 and -2000 models require the installation of a small printed circuit board in the radio. (Instructions are in the DMU-2000 manual.) The FTdx-5000 model does not require modification.

Features of a DMU

     • Display some radio settings, including the operating frequency and mode

     • Display a menu configuration list

     • Save and restore the radio menu configuration on  removable compact flash disk

     • Display a list of memory channels

     • Band spectrum scope

     • Audio scope and oscilloscope for transmitted and received signals

     • World map with sunrise, sunset, and gray-line

     • Great circle world map

     • World clock with time and alarm

     • Logbook

     • SWR plot

     • Final amplifer FET data (drain voltage, Class A or AB operation, temperature)

     • Yaesu rotator direction and speed.

Data Management Unit Screens

   Figures 1 and 2 show the Spectrum Scope Screen and the Radio Menu Screen. Some radio settings, including the operating frequency and mode, are shown at the top of every screen. The bottom part of the screen is user-selectable via buttons on the radio front panel.

Figure 1.  DMU Spectrum Scope Screen          www.Yaesu.com



Figure 2.  DMU Menu Listing Screen                www.Yaesu.com



What a DMU Does Not Do

     • Does not control the radio.

     • Does not edit the menus or memories.

     • Does not work with other Yaesu models.

     • Does not monitor all settings on the radio. (Discussed below.)

   Figures 1 and 2 show that the monitored settings do not cover all of the controls on the radio front panel. For more complete rig monitoring you can connect the radio to a computer and use a monitor/control program such as Ham Radio Deluxe. This program is discussed in the "Rig Monitoring Basics" article on this Web site.

For More Information

   DMU operation manuals are available from the Yaesu Web site.


   A Yaesu Data Management Unit adds a number of features to high-end Yaesu transmitters, including a band spectrum scope and an audio scope. A large LCD screen can be used to increase the visibility of the display.

   A Data Management Unit is not intended for comprehensive rig monitoring or the high visibility that a personal computer running a monitoring/control program can provide.

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