For Blind and Vision-Impaired
Ham Radio Operators


   This HamRadioAndVision Web site has practical information for blind and vision-impaired amateur radio operators. Subjects include accessible transceivers, speech synthesizers, D-STAR, VOIP, digital modes, rig monitoring, radio programming, power/SWR meters, and how to make a ham station computer more accessible.

Web-Site Contents

Advances in Usability
                    VK5FBHE's Eyes-Free Guide for Wouxun KG-UV9D+
                    Accessible Transceivers
                    D-STAR for Blind and Vision-Impaired Hams
                    Using Ham Radio Deluxe with a Screen Reader                 

Speech Synthesizers for Transceivers—Announce the
      operating frequency and other information.
                    Kenwood Voice Synthesizers
                    Kenwood:  HamPod Kenwood Reader
                    Icom UT-102 Speech Unit
                    Icom:  HamPod Icom Reader
                    Elecraft: HamPod K3 Reader
                    Elecraft: K3 Voice and K3 Texter
                    Wouxun HTs
                    TYT Electronics HT

Rig Monitoring—Using a computer to display transceiver
     settings in a more easily readable form.
             • Rig Monitoring Basics
             • Using Ham Radio Deluxe with a Screen Reader
             • Flrig for OS X and Windows
Flrig for Linux
             • Kenwood ARCP Remote Programs
             • Icom RS-BA1 Remote Program
             • Using RS-BA1 with a Screen Reader

                    Yaesu Data Management Unit
                    DXLab Commander

Software-Defined Radio
webSDR—free access to software-defined receivers.
                   Digital mode reception using a webSDR. 
Elecraft KX3
Quisk for Linux
             • Quisk for Windows
             • RemoteHams Online Remote Stations

CW and DXing
             • A Morse Decoder With High Visibility Text 

             • Configuring and Using CwGet
             • Elecraft KX1 and KX3—audio CW feedback.

             • DXLab

HF Digital Radio—PSK31, RTTY, etc.
             • Digital Mode Text-to-Speech
             • PSK31 Operating Notes from a Blind Ham
             • cocoaModem:  Text-to-Speech || Accessibility (Mac OS X)
             • TrueTTY:  Text-to-Speech || Accessibility || Configuration
             • fldigi for Mac OS X & Windows:  Accessibility
• fldigi for Linux:  Accessibility || Installing
             • fldigiVI LiveUSB
             • MMTTY:  Text-to-Speech || Accessibility

             • MultiPSK Accessibility
             • High Visibility Digital Mode Text
             • KK7UQ PSK IMD Meter

             • D-STAR for Blind and Vision-Impaired Hams
             • D-STAR on DV Dongle for Low-Vision Hams
             • EchoLink, EchoShack, and CQ100
                    • Using EchoLink with a Screen Reader
             • EchoMac (Mac OS X)
                    • Using EchoMac with VoiceOver Reader

Programming Tools for Radios
        • CHIRP Channel Editing Software
        • ChirpVI LiveUSB Channel Programmer
        • RT Systems Radio Programming Software Accessibility
        • KG-UV Commander—for Wouxun radios
        • Wouxun Company Programming Software
        • Kenwood Memory Control Programs

Antennas and Meters—RF Power, SWR, etc.
        • AntScope and AAplot for RigExpert Antenna Analyzers.
        • Large MFJ SWR/Wattmeters—High visibility analog meter.
        • Wavenode2 Monitor—Large display and spoken reports.
        • PowerMaster II—High visibility power/SWR indicator.
        • HamPod PM2 MeterReader—Audible reports from PM2.
        • Elecraft W2 Wattmeter—High-brightness LED bargraphs.
        • HamPod W2 MeterReader—Audible reports from W2.
        • Coaxial Dynamics USB Wattmeter—High visibility display.
        • MFJ AutoTuners with Audio-SWR Meter—Audible reports.
        • KK7UQ PSK IMD Meter—Audible & high visibility indicators.

Transceiver Multi-Meters
        • How to use an ALC meter—Avoid distortion and interference.
        • Elecraft: HamPod K3 Reader—Speaks RF Power, SWR,...
        • Kenwood TS-590 Transceiver—Speaks RF Power, SWR,...
        • Kenwood TS-990S Transceiver—Speaks RF Power, SWR,...
        • Icom Transceiver Multi-Meter Monitor—Large-display meter.
        • LDG Meters—Large external meters for Icom & Yaesu radios.
        • Icom IC-7000 External Monitor—No computer required.

Small Transmitting Loop Antennas
        • Measuring the Efficiency of a QRP Small Loop Antenna
        • Efficiency Calculator for QRP Small Loop Antennas
        • A Higher Power Transmitting Loop for 15 through 20 meters

Ham Station Computer
        • Magnifying ham radio program displays (Windows).
        • Magnifier plug-ins for Ubuntu (Linux).
        • High Contrast color schemes in Windows.
        • DPI Scaling for larger text.
        • Team Viewer remote computer administration program.

        • Accessible Ham Radio Handbooks.
        • Ham Radio Accessibility:
        • Courage Kenny HandiHam Program.
        • Linux Programs on HamRadioAndVision.
        • Mac OS X Programs on HamRadioAndVision.


Author Information

   Peter DeNeef, AE7PD, is an Extra Class amateur radio operator in the U.S. This Web site has no ads or conflicts of interest.

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